If you find a snake on your property:

  • Watch it from a safe distance and do not touch the snake
  • Safely remove any people or pets from the area where the snake is
  • If the snake is visible, a qualified professional snake catcher engaged by Wyndham City can attend and remove the snake from the residential property. This service can be accessed by phoning 9742 0777 during business hours.

Wyndham City will not send a snake catcher in the following circumstances if:

  • The premises is industrial or commercial
  • The location of the snake is unknown
  • The snake was last sighted 30 minutes before the call
  • The property is unattended
  • The call is for a property where the resident/occupier is not at home
  • The snake is in open public space e.g. along the Werribee River and there is no immediate threat to the community


In Wyndham the commonly found snakes are the Tiger Snake, the Eastern Brown Snake and the Little Whip Snake. The Tiger Snake is the most common snake in suburban areas, especially near water and more vegetated areas such as creeks, wetlands and native bush land..

All snakes are protected by law and you could face infringements or prosecution if you harm or kill a protected species.

Remember, most people are bitten when attempting to handle the snakes themselves!

If you have been bitten by a snake, seek immediate medical assistance.  Phone 000 for an ambulance and advice on what first aid can be applied.

For any further information please visit the Wyndham Council Website.

Property maintenance in the Estate

To all residents,

We are writing to advise you that the Owners Corporation undertake property inspections and issue non-compliance notices to properties that are in breach of the Owners Corporation Rules. Every lot owner in the Alamanda Estate is a member of the Owners Corporation and every occupier of a lot is bound to comply with the rules and guidelines.  The Owners Corporation is guided by Registered Rules, Alamanda Estate Design Guidelines and Owners Corporations Act 2006 (“Act”). 


Each owner and/or their tenants are required to abide by these Rules, Guidelines and “Act”.


Have your children turned 16 recently?

We are seeing an influx of Alamanda residents who have turned 16 and are coming down to use the Club Alamanda facilities.

It is perfectly acceptable for residents aged 16 and over to use Club Alamanda, however any person fitting into this category need to complete an induction prior to using the facilities.

Please, if you have children that have turned or are turning 16 please have them create a website account on alamandaonline.com.au.  We will approve their accounts and they can then log in and book for an induction.

If they are found at the Club without having completed an induction they will be asked to leave until the have completed one.

Any queries on this can be directed to the Club Alamanda team.



Club Alamanda

Guest Sign in Policy will be implemented from 20th June 2016

From Monday the 20th of June 2016 ALL residents must sign in any guest they bring into the facility.

The sign in book will be located next to the security guards table in the main foyer.

This has come about due to certain residents abusing the guest access rule for Club Alamanda.

Please note that the guest policy is one (1) guest per household (property).

Guests who are at the Club must be accompanied by an inducted Alamanda Resident at all times.


All exercise classes are for Alamanda Residents only.  Guests are not permitted to attend these classes.