If you find a snake on your property:

  • Watch it from a safe distance and do not touch the snake
  • Safely remove any people or pets from the area where the snake is
  • If the snake is visible, a qualified professional snake catcher engaged by Wyndham City can attend and remove the snake from the residential property. This service can be accessed by phoning 9742 0777 during business hours.

Wyndham City will not send a snake catcher in the following circumstances if:

  • The premises is industrial or commercial
  • The location of the snake is unknown
  • The snake was last sighted 30 minutes before the call
  • The property is unattended
  • The call is for a property where the resident/occupier is not at home
  • The snake is in open public space e.g. along the Werribee River and there is no immediate threat to the community


In Wyndham the commonly found snakes are the Tiger Snake, the Eastern Brown Snake and the Little Whip Snake. The Tiger Snake is the most common snake in suburban areas, especially near water and more vegetated areas such as creeks, wetlands and native bush land..

All snakes are protected by law and you could face infringements or prosecution if you harm or kill a protected species.

Remember, most people are bitten when attempting to handle the snakes themselves!

If you have been bitten by a snake, seek immediate medical assistance.  Phone 000 for an ambulance and advice on what first aid can be applied.

For any further information please visit the Wyndham Council Website.

A message from Villawood Properties

Hope you’re well and on behalf of Villawood Properties, we wanted to advise you that the book commissioned to celebrate their 30th year of delivering vibrant communities has been delivered to Club Alamanda and is available for you to collect.


Simply titled “30” instead of Villawood talking about themselves, the book is full of stories from residents across all its communities, providing a glimpse into their daily lives and what they love about where they live.  You’ll see a few familiar faces within the pages of the book.


Kids classes

Please note that all kids classes will require parents to book them in for them to attend.


Estate Staff



Pool Safety - Enjoy our pool safely all year round

With summer just around the corner and Melbourne shouting us the occasional warmer day we want to remind everyone about pool safety.

Pool safety includes hygiene and behaviour in our pool to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at the Club.

From the aspect of hygiene please look at the flyer that can be downloaded from here.  This covers things that the health department advise everyone to do before and while using a pool.  To summarise this -

Log a Maintenance Request to Club Alamanda

The club now has a maintenance portal to allow members to report issues with equipment or the facilities within Club Alamanda.  Click here to access the portal

The portal will open an online request form where you can put details of the issue or fault so that staff can then action.  Fill in your information, a description of the issue and complete the captcha code at the base.  Lastly click the OK button to submit the request.